Hyundai Oil Change

Hyundai Oil Change

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One of the simplest ways to increase the longevity of your Hyundai is to have regularly scheduled oil changes. Oil and filter changes help your vehicle perform at optimum levels and maintain its fuel efficiency, because oil lubricates and cools the engine and keeps its parts clean. But over time, oil breaks down, collects contaminants, becomes sludgy, and loses viscosity. When this is left unaddressed, it can hurt performance and damage your engine. Read on for more information on the benefits of regular Hyundai oil changes.


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Greater Vehicle Longevity

The development of engine sludge is directly related to neglect in changing the oil and oil filter. When this oil breakdown occurs, the contaminated oil forces your engine to work harder. The valve train, rod bearings, piston rings, and cylinder walls all need lubrication to prevent the friction damage. It's also crucial to regularly change the oil filter since it traps harmful debris. The better protected your engine is, the longer the life of your vehicle will be.

Engine Cooling and Fuel Economy

Another function of motor oil is to carry excess heat away from the engine. If your oil is low or dirty, the engine will work more strenuously. This reduced lubrication factor can create metal-on-metal contact, often causing a "knocking" sound. If you hear this, you should immediately take your vehicle to a qualified service technician. Operating a vehicle with old oil will also cause fuel economy to decrease. Once the oil's viscosity declines, the engine will run harder, which negatively affects gas mileage.

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Maintaining your Hyundai with this simple but essential service will keep it running better for more years. It can be tempting to postpone your oil changes, but the potential damage to your vehicle is daunting - and expensive. Make plans to have your oil changed at the recommended time intervals suggested in your driver's manual. The Hyundai Assurance Care Mobile App makes it easy for you schedule service at Balise Hyundai of Cape Cod, or you can make your appointment online.

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