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It goes without saying that one of the most important safety features in your vehicle is the braking system. This all-important system consists of two main features that work together: the brake hardware itself - consisting of pads, calipers, and rotors - and the hydraulic fluid that pressurizes them. Brake pads wear down over time, and the hydraulic fluid becomes contaminated with particles, causing the brake system to become less responsive, so those are the parts of the braking system that need the most frequent replacement. If you don't keep up with regular brake maintenance, you may be driving with worn-out pads and rotors, low or contaminated fluid, and other problems that endanger your safety and the safety of others.


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How Often Should You Replace Your Brakes?

There is no definitive direction on how often you should change the various components of your brakes, but your service technician will take a careful look during your regular Hyundai brake service. How frequently you should change the pads will depend on a few factors: how many miles you drive and how hard you generally brake. Those who drive in a more spirited fashion - with higher speed, more urgent braking and turning - will wear out their brakes faster than those who drive more gently. The same goes for people who regularly tow a trailer or city drivers who sit in stop-and-go traffic every day: their brakes take more abuse than average. But with average driving, brake pads will need replacement approximately every 40,000 miles. Nevertheless, we recommend getting your brake pads checked at least once a year so that any developing problems can be discovered early.

What Are Signs of Worn-Out Brakes?

There are plenty of warning signs that occur when your brake pads are worn out, and many of them are quite obvious: either you'll see a brake warning light come on or you'll hear a new and unusual sound (grinding, screeching, or scraping). You'll also know that your brakes need service when it starts taking more distance to get the vehicle to a complete stop, the pedal feels soft or spongy, or the car shudders when you apply the brakes.

Of these symptoms, the metal-on-metal noise is by far the most troubling. This is a result of the brake pad being worn to the point where the rivets that hold the ceramic pads to the steel backing plate are exposed. Your car is using metal against metal to brake, and the rivets quickly start to dig into the rotor material and form grooves. At this point, the rotors will probably have to be replaced as well as the pads.

Advantages of Regular Services

During your regular scheduled maintenance visits, the factory-trained technicians at Balise Hyundai of Cape Cod will inspect all of the brake system components, including the brake fluid, and repair any parts that may be unsafe. With so much literally riding on your brakes, these safety inspections are well worth it: regular brake checks can save lives.

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