Hyundai Battery Service Cape Cod


Nothing lasts forever, and being able to tell when your older Hyundai's battery might be nearing its end is important for your safety. After all, nobody wants to get stranded on the side of the road. The battery is more or less the heart of your vehicle - without it, you can't start the engine or run any essential accessories. The typical lifespan of a battery is around five years, but individual driving habits and location (climate, more specifically) will influence its longevity. It's especially important to take care of your battery in New England, since extreme weather is one of the greatest culprits behind battery failure.

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How Does the Battery Work?

There's a specific chemical reaction that takes place inside that battery case to get your car going. Put simply, the battery converts chemical energy into electrical energy and delivers the voltage, or energy supply, to the starter. Not only does the battery provide the energy needed for ignition, it also keeps this voltage stabilized. So, as you can see, the battery has a crucial role, and drivers are best off having some knowledge about how it works and how to tell when its effectiveness is declining.


The Signs of a Faulty Battery

A dead battery is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to car owners, especially when it happens away from home. Although it can be difficult to tell when the end is near, there are some clear signs you can look for. For example, if your engine is slow to crank, a failing battery can be the cause. If the battery itself is more than a few years old, has a foul smell, or is rusty or corroded, it's time to take it to the pros for evaluation. (The check engine light might also turn on when the battery is getting weak). To extend the life of your battery, make a habit of turning off all accessories (lights, stereo, climate control) when you park, keep the vehicle away from excessive temperatures as much as possible (a garage will help), and try to avoid very short drives, since this will allow the alternator to recharge the battery some more.

A good rule of thumb for having a service technician check your well-functioning battery is every three years. If you aren't sure how old your battery is, look at the cover of the battery case. There will be an engraved code there with numbers and letters, and the first part of the code will reveal the month and year of manufacture. A letter is designated for each month (A is January and B is February, etc.), and the number indicates the year (1 for 2011, 2 for 2012, and so on). Once you know your battery's age, you'll be able to better gauge its expected longevity. The best bet if you're concerned is to have the factory-trained service technicians at Balise Hyundai of Cape Cod inspect your battery for you. They'll advise you as to whether it still has life left or it's time to replace it.